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"You say that I'm a dreamer, I say you're a non believer" [entries|friends|calendar]

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[22 Sep 2006|03:40pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Yay, Joey's birthday gifts came! I'm only missing one backordered shirt, but otherwise I'm set! Now I need to figure out how I'm going to wrap them without him seeing and I'll be ready for Monday.

Tonight alot of people from work are going to the Beer Garden. I wanted to go, but I had already made plans.....as had some other people. Plus, alot of other people are Jewish and are celebrating the new year. (That reminds me, Happy New Year to anyone who celebrates the Jewish new year). I told Tim, aka Basil, that he needs to plan another Beer Garden night bc I can't go to this one. Leslie said she would plan another one.

MMMMMM the PAs went on a Dunkin Donuts run.....hot chocolate for me!

Tomorrow is going to be so busy for me! I need to figure out how to go to the store without Joey wanting to come, then I'm going into Brooklyn to see James. He's home from Albany and he leaves for Georgia on Sunday for 2 1/2 weeks more training. I want to see him for a little bit, maybe go out for some lunch. Then its off to Alanna's for her birthday shindig. Then its off to the city to see Buckethead with Joey for his birthday. I'm going to be wiped come Sunday! Good thing I don't have anything planned.

So we filled Johnny's room up with balloons and he loved it haha. It was supposed to be a practical joke and he loved it!! He's like, "This is the gayest room ever!!" I took pictures of what his room looked like when I was finally done. Then, after he walked into his room, I took a green balloon for my desk and tied it to my chair. I took a picture of what my desk looks like. I realized it looks like a 5 year old sits here! I have balloons floating from my chair, a rabbit balloon animal on my desk, stuffed animals, toys, swedish fish.......it doesn't end!

Fall officially begins tomorrow morning at 12:03AM! Woo hoo! Too bad its supposed to be humid and rainy this weekend.

I want to go pumpkin picking!!!

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[21 Sep 2006|11:20am]
[ mood | silly ]

So Johnny thought it would be funny to switch my and Sarah's desk around. He took everything from my desk and put it on Sarah's and did the same with her stuff. He moved our chairs, our signs, everything. Who has time to do that?!

So this morning we find our desks switched (and I have alot more crap on my desk so Sarah's desk was cluttered!) and decided to get even with him, but not let on that we're doing anything. We're going to fill his office with balloons, to the point where he can't even walk or move.

I made a sign I'm going to put on his dressing room mirror that says

"You won't know where...
You won't know when...
But you'll get what's coming to you"

Yes, this is my job.....!

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Fall scenes for your pleasure [19 Sep 2006|10:28am]
[ mood | calm ]

Thought I'd share these calming scenes of autumn. I know they're definitely calming me down.

I need to move to these areasCollapse )
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[18 Sep 2006|01:38pm]
[ mood | full ]

Oy, am I full. I didn't even finish my lunch, which is surprising bc I was hungry!

This weekend Joey and I went shopping for Halloween decorations. I loved it!! Party City had so much!! We got so many fun things for the house. I can't wait to decorate! I got some cute things to use at work once October rolls around. The apartment is going to look awesome! We had to restrain ourselves from buy the entire store, but we got lots of stuff. I got some more Halloween goodies from Yankee Candle too. I still need 1 more thing that Joey liked, but I'll get it next weekend. I have a feeling their Christmas stuff is going to go up real soon. I need to get the Halloween stuff while I can!

I've also come up with my costume. I just need to work on it some more.

I need to go to the post office now and overnight a purchase to IN. It's Joey's birthday gift and I want it here no later than Monday. The one thing I hate about this time of year is the amount of money I go through. It's like all downhill now. First comes fall, Joey's birthday, then talk of the holidays begins and before you know it Christmas is here and I'm out looking for job again. It's a vicious vicious cycle.

Saturday night Joey and I went out to dinner with my dad and brothers at Charlie Browns. It was crowded as shit, but we got our normal table. We had a great time, it was definitely a fun dinner!

I think I'm going to bake cupcakes for the office for Halloween. I feel like being like Betty Crocker!

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[11 Sep 2006|01:32pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm back from Vegas. I wish I was still there! I hope to do an update about my trip real soon with pictures!

The day after vacation is always the hardest :o/

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[06 Sep 2006|01:49pm]
[ mood | excited ]

In the next few minutes I'll be leaving for the airport to go to Vegas!!!

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[05 Sep 2006|03:05pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

25 hours until I'm on my way to the airport! I can't wait until I'm in Vegas! Soon soon soon! Just to be away from everything for a while is what I need right now.

Things have been a bit rough at home. The current situation has gotten a bit worse and it's now time to do something about it. There are going to be consequences, but the outcome outweighs the consequences. This weekend really showed how bad things have gotten. I know Joey and I will get through this, but it's such a bitch of a situation that you get anxious waiting for the moment when things will go back to normal. He's been making himself sick thinking about it and the past 3 nights he hasn't been sleeping. Every time I woke up he was up and walking around. He went to the pharmacy at like 2 in the morning bc he remembered he needed something. Just anything to do bc he can't sleep. I hope this trip relaxes him. He really needs it. He needs it more than I do.

I need to go into Brooklyn tonight to get a suitcase from my grandmother. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm not even packed yet. I don't know if Joey is coming with me, but if he isnt and I get home at a decent time I may go to the mall with Jessie and sneak into a store that sells Yankee Candle stuff. Joey will kill me!!! Ya know, everyone has their shtick and their store they love to shop in. Mine just happens to be a scented candle store. Is that so wrong??! I'm burning them as fast as I can! There's a candle in every room! If I want to spend all my money on candles, leave me! :o) If I said that to Joey he would laugh in my face and tell me there's something wrong with me.

Dude, I watched Wayne's World the other day. I forgot how funny that movie is. It's been such a long time since I've watched it, and yet I knew every word and motion. I feel like watching it again. Good thing it's On Demand.

I'm so ready to leave now. Is it Wednesday at 4PM yet?

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[28 Aug 2006|04:50pm]
[ mood | devious ]

I want to make a trip to Yankee Candle....is that bad? :o/

They have new Autumn scents out and I want to get some. I don't want Joey to know though, he'll kill me. Here's the list of Fall scents -

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Wreath
Berry Crumble
Cinnamon Vanilla
Gingerbread Maple
Sage & Cinnamon
Spiced Cocoa

Are these not scents that I need?? Maybe if I can't get over there today, I can go there Friday evening. I think I'm getting out of work early :o)

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[28 Aug 2006|12:11pm]
[ mood | moody ]

It's definitely a Monday. Definitely, definitely a Monday.

I had a pretty relaxing weekend, but I've just been SO moody! I could actually pinpoint the different moments throughout the day when my mood would change. That's not good. I know it's because it's getting to be that time of month, but this is more than usual. I don't know if the weather had anything to do with it, maybe just a little. It has been raining non-stop for 3 days. And its not normal rain. It's like it rains TORRENTIAL and then stops, then a little while later it rains TORRENTIAL again, then lets up. What happened to normal rain? What the hell is going on with the weather??

I didn't really want to do anything this weekend, but take it easy. Shooting weeks really drain me. Saturday during the day I cleaned up the apartment a bit and went candle crazy. I put candles everywhere and lit them all. They made the apartment smell so nice. Joey was working on the sprinkler system outside and at night we went out to the island. We got some stuff for the laptop and then went to my FAVORITEST Italian restaurant, Vincent's. We ate so much and finished off a pitcher of Sangria. I love that place!!

Sunday, I played around with the laptop some more. Joey worked on the sprinkler some more and then we went bowling! Haven't gone bowling in a while. How I've missed it! We played 4 games and drank and we both got 3 strikes in a row in one game! A turkey! It was crowded there because of the rainy weather, but it was so much fun. After bowling we went into Brooklyn to see my dad and brother for a little bit. We stopped by Hollywood Video to see Brian and ended up leaving with a GameCube system and I bought The Sims! I know what I'm doing tonight! After that we drove to L&B to grab some pizza to go and ate at home and watched Married With Children. Brian came home early and worked on our laptop a bit. Then it was time to go bc I was getting tired. I was glad I got to see my dad and my animals. It's been a while.

Today I feel moody as well. My commute this morning just seemed very tense and some guy started flipping everyone off for no reason. He was stuck in an intersection, how is that anyone else's fault? My hair is a mess from the nasty weather and, we're dark today, so everyone is just moping around, getting stuff done. Some people are in bad moods, everyone looks tired, it's definitely a change from shoot days. This should be a pretty easy week, though. We're dark today, Friday, next Monday is Labor Day and then Joey and I leave for Vegas that Wednesday night.

I really am so excited for Vegas. I could really use a vacation. I just want to get away for a little while. Last night I got really tense and frustrated bc I was remembering everything I need to take care of, bills that have to be paid, just normal everyday stuff. I felt really unorganized and felt like I didn't have a grasp on things and then I come in this morning and forgot how much of a mess I left my desk in so that added to my feeling of unorganization (disorganization?) I needed to take a second, step back and just breathe. I made a to do list and am started to take care of things. I don't like not being in control. When things start piling up and I don't have a grasp on it, I get upset.

I want to be home. I want to be playing the Sims. I just can't stay up too late, tomorrow is a shoot day.

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[26 Aug 2006|11:44am]
[ mood | surprised ]

So I'm updating from my laptop. Don't ask me how I'm connected to the internet, I haven't figured that out yet. I'm probably getting it from someone else who has a wireless connection. Oh well, I'll take it for now!

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[24 Aug 2006|05:18pm]
[ mood | restless ]

I'm so ready for this day to be over. And now its raining. Booooo! Maybe Joey won't have to go into work now!

I got to see him this morning. It's been 4 days and I got to see him for about 20 minutes this morning. I know it's not long, but I'll take it. It's better than nothing!!

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[23 Aug 2006|10:31am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

10 hours of sleep and I'm still exhausted. I turned in at 9:30PM and woke up late. These 7:30AM call times are killing me. I guess it doesn't help that I woke up twice during the night. Once at 1AM to the sound of cats fighting like right outside my window and the second time at 4:30AM because I thought Joey came home and I got excited, but when I turned over there was no one in the bed.

I hate these night hours. Now I don't even get to see Joey in the morning for a short time. He leaves the apartment in the afternoon and doesn't leave the job site until 6AM. He calls me around 6:45AM to say hi and tell me he's coming home, but that's all I get. I haven't seen him since Sunday and prolly won't see him again until Saturday morning. It makes me sad. I woke up the night before thinking he was home and sleeping and he wasn't. Then I make myself sad and have a hard time getting back to sleep. I know he's not liking these hours either so we'll see what happens. This is just me complaining.

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[21 Aug 2006|01:24pm]
[ mood | full ]

I need another day off. Weekend? What weekend? This past one my whole family and Joey went up to Albany to get my brother James settled in. He's taking classes for a railroad company and he's going to be there for 5 weeks. We all went up to get him settled in and familiar with the area. Even the dog came! He's staying in an extended suite, which is made for people who plan on living in a hotel for a little while. His room is nicer than my dorm room was in London! He has a full kitchen, cable, internet access and a laundry all right in the hotel. Everything minus the laundry room is in his room! It's a decent sized room too. The area is nice too, it has everything!!! So many places to eat, to shop, to hang out. It's literally right across the street from the University of Albany. Everyone was sad leaving him, but he called today and says he loves it. Everyone is easy going and theres a lot of young people there. I'm happy, it would suck if he hated it.

While we were there we saw a train go by and it was for the railroad that James is hopefully soon going to work for. It was exciting to see b/c one day he'll be conducting that train! My dad is really excited.......and jealous!

Everyone spent the weekend up there. Amber was able to come and she loved it!! She was running up and down the hall in the hotel, jumping all over the bed, going crazy. It was a nice weekend for all. The only thing that wasn't nice was the 5 1/2 hour ride home! A 3 hour trip turned into 5 1/2 hours because of traffic! Well, that and the fact that I had to keep stopping bc I had to keep peeing :oX But the traffic was more the problem!

We got James settled in and we spent most of the time in the room. We couldn't leave Amber in the hotel and we couldn't bring her into the restaurant so we got take out most of the time and all ate in James's room. Everyone stayed in the same hotel also. James, my dad and Amber roomed, my mom and Brian roomed and Joey and I. We went to Walmart the second day to get last minute stuff James needed, yes theres a Walmart right there.

Joey and I got some stuff for the bathroom. I got all new rugs and towels for fall to put into the bathroom. I'm really excited! Is it weird that I'm excited about redecorating the bathroom? I got brown rugs and a toilet cover and brown and rusty-orange towels. Perfect fall colors. Plus, in our bathroom theres really nowhere to put extra towels. Right now we're keeping them where we keep our clothes. I wanted something for the bathroom so I could put other stuff too, like extra toilet paper and fun stuff like that. We've been looking for a while and I found something I really liked. Hopefully, it'll look good and nice and fit everything we need. I really want to go back to Walmart, they have all their fall stuff out and I love it! My favorite time of year!! I'm going to decorate the apartment so cute :o) I really wanted to get a welcome sign with a little scarecrow on it for the front door. I'm going to. Just as soon as I can get back to a Walmart. Perhaps another Walmart run this weekend? Jessie? Alanna? The next room I want to work on is the living room. We really want an area rug to put. We haven't really been looking and they're so expensive. We need that and a new couch and possibly a recliner. Talk about wish lists. And with what money do you plan on buying all this stuff with, Kelly? I just love to decorate! Maybe when I go home tonight I'll check out my new bathroom furniture. Why am I still talking about this??

I also got something really cool! Theres a mall that was close by also and in Spencer gifts they had a Jack Skellington pillow! It's his head and I loved it so I bought it! Lemme see if I can find a picture...

Jack SkellingtonCollapse )

Yup, so thats what I did while I was in Albany, I spent lots of money. Oh and I got cereal that I'm really excited to try. Honey Bunches of Oats with cinnamon clusters in them! That's whats for dinner tonight!

We ended up coming home around 11PM. We left at 5:30PM!! I was so beat when I came home. And yet, I had trouble falling asleep! Then, the first phone call I get this morning is from Johnny pretending to be Carol Channing. I told him, Johnny, its way too early for this right now!
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[18 Aug 2006|08:59am]
[ mood | drained ]

TGIF. I can't say it enough. TGIF. This week really drained me. And now I think I'm catching a cold. I feel it as soon as I wake up, my throat starts to feel funny. Hurry, pop some vitamin C pills.

The walls in this office are extremely thin so if you're talking too loud, everyone can hear what you're saying. If you're extremely angry and yelling, like the producer next to my area is doing, everyone can hear exactly what you're saying. Oh the drama that goes into a kids tv show.

Last night was a late night here. We normally have a hard out at 6PM for crew reasons. Last night we ran late and the crew got some overtime. We didn't stop shooting until 7:15PM and we, in the office, didn't get out until 8:30PM. We have a really super important guest here this morning and everyone was making sure the office was set for his visit. Come 8:30PM I still had more work to do, but it was getting dark out and my car is parked in a lot 2 blocks away. Mitch, the Production Manager, offered to drive me to my car and I took him up on it and left the rest of my work for the morning.

So we have this important guest here this morning. He's something like part owner of the Disney corporation and the reason why Johnny and the Sprites exists. Apparantly, so the story goes, Rich (the guy) went to see Avenue Q and really loved Johnny. He went backstage and told Johnny that he should make him a kids tv show for Playhouse Disney and alas, Johnny and the Sprites is born. Everyone is on their best behavior and looking pretty. I can't wait for Monday. I am SO dressing like a bum. All this week we've had important execs from Disney here. Monday, no one is going to be here! Time for ripped jeans and hoodies!

Joey is still working the night shift. I'm not liking it at all, but I'm trying not to tell him that. I know he doesn't like it either, but he doesn't need me telling him how upset I am on top of him being upset about working nights. In the past 3 days I've seen him for a total of 1 hour. :o( I've been going to sleep early lately. When I get home it's lonely so I just go to bed. I've also been sleeping a little later. Trying to get my timing down. Instead of waking up at 5:30AM, I slept until 6AM and still made it on time. Today I slept until 6:15AM and was still on time!! Joey came home around 6ish so I got to see him for a little bit before I had to start getting ready and before he fell asleep. I don't really talk to him during the day since he's sleeping. I can't talk to him when I get home from work bc he's working. He can't call me when he's on a break or when he's on his way home bc I'm sleeping. It stinks :o( Last night I got home from work at 9PM and I just went right to sleep.

Tonight I'm going to Brooklyn.....I hope I can stay awake. My brother is leaving for Albany for 5 weeks tomorrow for some schooling and I want to see him before he leaves. I don't know what time I'll be getting out of here, but I'd like to see my family and birds and Amber. I haven't seen them in 3 weeks.

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[16 Aug 2006|10:11am]
[ mood | curious ]

There is such drama going on in the office this morning. It's not even 10AM and there is legal drama with the actors already! We've been here since 7:30AM so anything goes.

My body is having a hard time getting used to this 7:30AM call time. My phone has 3 alarms that I can set. I set one for 4:30AM, one for 5AM and one for 5:30AM, which is when I'm supposed to get up, but that doesn't happen. I just turn them all off and go back to sleep. This morning I woke up later than I wanted to, but since its so close of a drive that it didn't matter too much. The one thing with this early call time is I crash come 1PM. I need to get myself a huge bag of Mike n Ikes to keep me going. Yea, that's healthy.

We started taping. We have a live feed in my area so we can see exactly what's going on on set. In case anyone needs to go on set, we can see when they're not filming. We can also see what they're saying. The puppeteers are so funny, we all end up sitting around the tv laughing. All we see are the puppets and when they mess up their lines they curse and bitch all while still moving the puppets mouth so it looks like the puppet is cursing. We end up cracking up when we're supposed to be working! Carmen does the puppeteering for Lily and yesterday she kept messing up her lines. She started cursing, "Shit! I can't get these fucking lines" all while moving Lily's mouth and everyone in the office only sees Lily cursing.

Yesterday, since it was our first shoot day, Jill wanted everyone off the set so everyone can get their bearings together. Towards the end of the day that rule went out the window. Sarah went to tell Jill something and she told Sarah to tell me to come out on the set for a little while bc I hadn't been there all day. I got to be on set while they were shooting some of the scenes. It was so awesome! These puppeteers are so awesome at what they do, how they make these characters come to life is amazing.

Ok, enough about work. Although, the one thing about being at 7:30AM, you tend to think its later than it actually is. Like I just looked at the clock thinking it was close to 12PM, and its only 10:48AM.

Anyways, Joey has to work nights for a little while. I don't like that :o( I saw him yesterday morning and he told me yesterday he has to be at work at 7:30PM and he doesn't know what time he'll be done. I got home a little after 8 to an empty apartment. I watched Little Giants and went to bed at 11PM. He called me around 11:30PM saying he was coming home. I fell asleep and I think he came home around 12:30AM. When I got up this morning he was sound asleep so I got ready for work and left. We'll prolly have to go through this all over again tonight. I guess I'll watch Laguna Beach and then go to sleep. I'm so tired right now.

I signed myself up to go to an Alice In Chains show. Joey got tickets and Frank and Kathy are going. I told Joey I would go. He knows if theres crowd surfing going on my ass is going to the back of the venue and steering clear of getting lost in the shuffle.

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[14 Aug 2006|03:00pm]
[ mood | busy ]

The time has come....Johnny and the Sprites is in production! Tomorrow starts the big day. Our first taping! Get ready for the ride!

I had a very productive weekend. Friday night was Joey's sister-in-law's brother's wedding. It was in Queens, literally 5 blocks from the apartment. I got out of work at 6PM and we made it to the reception around 7ish. We weren't able to go to the church and we missed the cocktail hour bc we both got home from work so late, but we made it in time for the reception and thats what counts. It was really nice. Just the right amount of people, the food was good, the favor was great! It was an oil burner and they gave an apple oil. It makes the apartment smell so nice! Amy, the bride, was so beautiful. His family is so sweet! They've all heard of me and were all so nice when I was meeting them. Especially his sister-in-law's mother. She's the type of person who welcomes everyone. She talks to you like she's known you forever.

Saturday I had a dr's appointment bright and early. Joey came with me and after that we went back to Queens to see his brother and his family before they had to fly back to Florida. The traffic on the Belt Parkway, although normally horrible, was horendous!! We were on the Belt, didn't even make it to the Cross Island, for like an hour and a half! The total trip takes 30 minutes tops! We had no idea what the hell the problem was, but thank god Joey was there bc he knew some backroads we could take. Worst trip to Queens, EVER!

We got to his family and spent most of the day with them. I know that made Joey happy, he doesn't get to see his family together often. Even Joey's dad stopped by. It worked out nice.

After running around all day, we both really just wanted to hang low and relax. We rented a really bad movie and moved the tv so we can watch the movie in bed. It was one of the worst movies I've seen in a loooong time. It's called 2001 Maniacs, starring Robert Englund aka Freddy Kreuger. It was so bad. And it wasn't like so bad it was good. No, it was just really bad. After watching the entire thing I needed to watch something else so we watched a bit of the history of heavy metal. I didn't really want to watch it, but it was actually quite entertaining.

Sunday Joey and I slept in, which was really needed for both of us. Sunday was our day to get lots and lots of errands done. Stuff that we've been putting off for a long long time. We got to both of our banks, we went food shopping, went to PC Richards (which was a huge bust) and got loads and loads of laundry done! We had to go to the PC Richards by my job since the one in Whitestone isn't open yet. Joey got to see where I work. He said he felt like he was in Universal Studios or something. It really is such a difference from typical Queens. It really is like a different world around the studio. We ate at one of my favorite places to order from when I'm working. The food is so yummy!!

We spent practically all night doing laundry. We both have so many clothes that our laundry tends to build up, but it got to the point where we literally had nothing left. We spent about 3 hours doing laundry. Everything got done! Now we need to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Now it's Monday. Time to start whats going to be a crazy busy week. Long hours are ahead for me. I'm so glad I don't need to be going home on the train after a long day of working. I have my parking space now, I can drive to work and be home in 20 minutes after I'm done. I can get used to that.

My friend Tara had her baby last week! I'm so excited for her!! I really want to try to make it out to see her on Saturday, but that depends on who can come with me. She lives out in the Bronx and I would rather not make that trip by myself. She had a baby boy, Cayden. I need to get him a gift!!

I need to find something to keep me busy. I have a little dull in my day.......watch now that I said that things are going to start flying to me.

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[04 Aug 2006|04:51pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

So I'm at work, doing normal stuff when my phone rings. I answer it, "This is Kelly" and I hear on the other line, "Hi, Kelly, this is Red Fraggle!" Karen Prell, the puppeteer who does Red's voice called me!!! I was so shocked and dumbstruck that I didn't know what to do! She was talking to me as Red for a while going on and on and I was so in disbelief!! I said some things to her, but I was just so taken aback! Everyone in the office was watching me and laughing and saying, "Oh my god, how sweet!!" I was so red!! Leslie actually left Karen a message telling her how big of a fan I am and she called me! Then Leslie ran and got the Red puppet from John's office and pretended to be her! Sarah took a picture of me with Red WHILE I was on the phone with her! At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me, pretending to be Red and talking about Boober and Uncle Travelling Matt, but then I realized it was really Karen!!

She spoke to Leslie for a little bit and then I spoke to her again as Karen and thanked her so much for calling. I told her how big of a fan I was/am and thanked her again. When I hung up with her I gave Leslie a huge hug and showed her that I was shaking when I got off the phone!

This is a woman who has worked with Jim Henson and has been in Labrynth and so much more!

I'm still shocked it happened!! One of my favorite childhood characters and I got to speak to her. Amazing

That's right, I'm ON THE PHONE with Red Fraggle!Collapse )
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[02 Aug 2006|10:51am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I have bad cramps this morning. Finally, my freakin unwanted friend decided to show up. After a month of me waiting! I just know those damn pills I was taking for my face messed me up. Now it ruined my entire system. I really need to look into going on some kind of birth control, just so I can have some kind of normal system.

This heat is insane. This is not our weather! We really are experiencing global warming and its a scary thing. Thank goodness our office is staying cool and we haven't experienced any power outages, but I know the power went out at the apartment in Whitestone. When Joey and I got home last night the clock radio was blinking. As I was watching tv, in a 2 1/2 hour time period the cable restarted 4 times. That can't be good for the cable box or the tv. Our tv is super old and with the power constantly going out I'm just waiting for it to break completely. We can't afford a new tv just yet. Our change bin isn't exactly where we want it to be.

I've been driving to work bc I just can't do the commute in the morning. The 7 train is so unreliable, especially in the heat. I'm afraid it's going to break down while I'm riding it or the air conditioner is going to give out and then I'm stuck in a train with 150 people in one car, waiting for the MTA to do something. I've been taking the car and parking in the KAS parking lot. I have my mom's car bc she took mine to bring it in to check it out. I need the window fixed before it gets stuck permanently down. I think the cable went or something.

I've been on such a Fraggle kick lately, what with all these puppets coming into the office. I preordered Season 2 from Amazon. If I preordered it now I saved shipping charges and, instead of getting it for it's retail $50, I paid $35. It comes out 5th and I'm so excited. I was watching some episodes yesterday morning. And I've decided, since we were talking about Halloween and what we're going to do in the office, I was thinking of dressing up as Red Fraggle! I need a red long sleeved shirt, yellow pants (even though Red is pantsless) and I can do my hair all crazy and red. Something to think about!

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Weekend Update [31 Jul 2006|05:19pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

This weekend felt like it was so long. Saturday was my family reunion. I haven't gone to a reunion in something like 5 years because I've always been working weekends. Last year Joey and I were in Atlantic City so we missed it. This year I finally got to go. I got to see lots of people that I haven't seen in a while. My mom was there for a little bit, but she had to leave early. Brian was working and my dad and James were working on the house before they left to go away for 2 weeks. I hung out with my grandmother for the most part haha. It was soooo hot and we didn't get the usual game of softball going, but it was still nice to be with everyone. We were right near the beach and I went there for a little while, but only got my feet wet. We left around 5PM.

I went home for a little while to see my dad before I headed out to Queens.

Joey has been working like a dog lately. 3 weeks straight. He didn't get to come to the family reunion. I really missed him and everyone was asking for him, but he couldn't make it. I made sure to tell him that next year's family reunion is going to be in North Carolina and we're going. He didn't have an arguement about that.

I went out to Queens and we went to grab dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant that we always see is crowded. Now we know why, it was awesome! I got my usual penne a la vodka and it was so yummy, I brought it to work with me today. We ordered a pitcher of sangria so I was more focues on finishing that. We'll definitely be going back to that place. By the time we got home we both passed out and it was only 10PM.

Sunday I was going upstate with my dad and brothers to see the Demolition Derby. I LOVE this event! A bunch of beat up old cars ram into each other until only one is standing. One car even flipped over!! The Orange County Fair has it and it was the last day of the fair. It normally doesn't happen this early, but for some reason it did this year. We got to the fair and it was so hot we really didn't want to do anything. We got something to eat and walked around for a bit. Then we bought tickets for the derby and watched that for a while. I was FILTHY by the time it was over! The derby is so much fun, we go to it every year. Joey couldn't make it this year bc of work and he was really upset. He came last year and loved it. During the derby they announced they were having another one at the end of August so I told him he has to come to that one!

After the derby we went on a couple of rides. My went on the Crazy Mouse where I screamed my head off!! There are 2 really big drops, don't let the name fool you!! My dad and bros went on the Ring of Fire. I wanted to go on the Scrambler so my dad and I were going to use the last of our tickets on that ride, but the guy let us go on for free! We got on and he gave us an extended ride. I was so ready to get off, but that is my favorite ride!! After that, since we had tickets left over, we went on the swings while my bros went on something called the Zipper. It was alot of fun!

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[31 Jul 2006|03:53pm]
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Johnny calls this morning and I've been bugging him to bring in Boober bc I wanted to see him. He kept forgetting him. When I spoke to him this morning he said, "I have a Monday morning surprise for you." It was Boober!!! He looks awesome!!!! I have him and Red sitting on my desk and I'm working around them. Everyone here thinks I lost my mind!

Leslie was talking to John and when I walked in to take Red she goes, "I need to have Karen call and leave her a message as Red! I can't find her card!!!!!" I told her the day I pick up my phone and my jaw is on the floor, they'll know Red is on the phone.

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